The history of Peder Nielsen’s factory

Peder Nielsen at 19

It all started with a country-bred, young man called Peder Nielsen.

When he was 19 years old, he got a job with Mr. Rasch, a manufacturer who had a small factory. Peder Nielsen soon proved to have a great talent for manufacture and mechanics so three and a half years later he decided to become a self-employed manufacturer and built his first workshop of 52 square metres in continuation of his parents’ house.

Working together with ironmongers 18771893


In September 1877 he was established and he sent the following message to the Danish ironmongers:

‘I hereby allow myself to draw your attention to my new-built factory for builders’ hardware and it will always be my task to supply you with prime quality articles at reasonable prices.’

Expansion in 1886

The factory developed, and in 1886 a larger extension was necessary. In order to be near the railway, Peder Nielsen moved the factory to Brønderslev.

The company burning down in 1899

The entire factory burnt down in 1899, but even this disaster could not stop the manufacturer’s drive.

The site was cleared and after 3 months with help from the 45 employees at that time, 20 bricklayers and 25 other craftsmen a new factory was rebuilt. The new factory was named Pedershaab which means Peder’s hope.

Pedershaab became a limited company in 1919

In 1919 the limited company A/S Peder Nielsen ‘Pedershaab’ was founded with Peder Nielsen as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. His son, Niels Juul Nielsen, was appointed Managing Director. Later Niels Juul Nielsen’s daughter, Rigmor Nielsen, became Managing Director. In this way father, son and grandchild have been Chairmen of the Board of Directors and Managing Directors of the family company through more than 101 years.

The management has since changed

Svend Erik Christensen og Poul Christensen 1978-1996
Svend Erik Christensen og Tonny Bistrup 1996-1997
Tonny Bistrup og Peter Hvilshøj 1998-2005
Jens-Ole Sørensen 2005-2007
Carsten Jensen 2007-
Erik A Skov – Carsten Jensen 2008-2012
Per Albæk – Jacob Bøhme Christensen – Carsten Jensen 2012-2013
Per Albæk – Jacob Bøhme Christensen 2013-2015
Per Albæk 2015-2018
Jesper Bangsborg 2018-

Today, the company A/S Peder Nielsen Beslagfabrik is called PN

The name of our company is today A/S Peder Nielsen Beslagfabrik and the company is marketed as PN. The name Pedershaab is used by our former subsidiary company Pedershaab Maskinfabrik A/S, founded by Peder Nielsen in 1915, today named as Pedershaab Concrete Technologies A/S.

To manage the generational change The Rigmor Nielsen Foundation was founded in 1973, and Mrs. Rigmor Nielsen gave the share majority to this foundation. The main purpose of the foundation is to ensure the future of PN Hardware as a competitive company and as a good and preferably large place of employment for all members of staff and as an asset to the town of Brønderslev.

PN Hardware is today a company with 175 well qualified and skilled employees who produce and market builders’ hardware for trade, industry and DIY under the name PN Hardware.

PN Hardware is not only operating on the Danish market, but has a significant export primarily to Scandinavia and Northern Europe. In Norway and England PN Hardware has its own sales offices taking care of the daily contact to the customers.