Product development – innovation

We consider product development and innovation as the most important condition for our future as supplier of builders’ hardware to industry, craftsmen and DIY people.

Our standard programme for craftmanship and DIY-people is modified and developed regularly. Through our sales consultants the customers contribute with ideas and suggestions.

Often our customers are involved as a collaborator in the development process.

In order to make our standard programme more desirable we have to a lesser extent included builders’ hardware as commercial products. These products are delivered from foreign colleagues who can fulfil our quality demands.

Industrial products are developed according to the motto ‘from idea to invoice’.
Experience has taught us that good results with development of industrial products are obtained if the customer (the user) is involved very closely in the whole development process.

A newer term for this method is called ‘user-driven innovation’.

The advantage of this method is that the user from the start of the process is taking part in specifying the requested demands.

Co-ordinated with our structual know-how and rational production methods this results in the fact that you can achieve a fitting of the requested quality at the favourable price.

Our department for product development and innovation employs 25 engineers, technicians and tool makers divided among the below functions:

  • A team of engineers and technicians having experience of development and design of builders’ hardware
  • Based on rough designs and ideas the first sample is manufactured by our prototype workshop for evaluation of function and strength
  • Test jigs for testing the fitting as to function and strength, – and in windows and doors according to valid European standards
  • Production technicians and tool designers, planning the production and finding the necessary tools for our production machines as to quality and competitive production, on the basis of approved product drawings