Product News

Our total Master Lock assortment

See all of our Master Lock products in our new catalog.

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Now also in black.

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Master Lock value boxes

PN now has a wide selection of Master Lock value boxes.

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Master Lock

We are now marketing Cargo straps – simple and easy to use.

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Master Lock bluetooth

Our product range is now including
bluetooth padlocks and key box.

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Cords and ropes

Our product range is now also including
a fine and versatile selection of cords and ropes.

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PN Bench frames

PN is now marketing bench frames of high quality. Great stability.

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Table legs

PN is now marketing table legs of high quality. Great stability.

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PN Design product range

PN has developed a beautiful and
timeless range of design products.

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Master Lock

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Wires, chains, accessories

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New Brackets

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Bracket System in Black and White

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Garden Gate Catch With Restrictor

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Drying Rack with 50 metres clothesline

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Universal Post Anchor

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Security device in new design

PN’s well-known and efficient security device

burglary resistant and approved as child restrictor catch as well is now marketed in a new and modern design.

Available in white and grey powder coating versions.

Parasol holder

Liner for PN Christmas tree stand

Make use of your outdoor Christmas tree stand

in summer with a strong liner


Holds even large parasols

Perfect for drying racks

…. now it is easy to move the drying rack

Bring the parasol to the beach

….. and it will keep standing

Extremely stable – stands tetherball etc. …

New surfaces with higher effect

PN has chosen gently to redesign a series of products which have been produced for up to 135 years – since the start of PN.

These highly viable products are manufactured in a series matching modern architecture and materials. The new look and new Delta Seal surface provide a second to none protection against corrosion exceeding the effect of the well-known hot dip galvanizing – with a surface resembling an impressive powder coating.

Therefore, the fittings are recommended for mounting in an aggressive environment and coastal areas, e.g. in summer cottages and holiday apartment blocks.

PN is marketing this design programme in a matt black and pale grey version with screws of course in corresponding surface treatment.

Fashion – a new series of selected popular products in modern bright colours

Tubus – bracket with concealed mounting

Hat and coat hook

Outdoor Christmas tree stand

Easy and secure set up of Christmas tree in the garden.

For next Christmas PN is marketing a Christmas tree stand for outdoor use.

The auger of the stand is easily screwed into the ground so the tree can be placed where you like. The stand is strong and hot dip galvanized and recommended for trees up to 2.5 metre.

Perfect for:

  • Private homes
  • Companies
  • Housing associations
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Institutions