PN Hardware has an efficient and flexible production plant with traditional production machines and many special-purpose machines for manufacture of fittings.

Concurrently with the technological development considerable amounts have been invested in new machines, tools and improvement of special techniques. This development is still going on, even at an increased rate, as the manufacturing technical possibilities are constantly improved through computer-controlled efficient special-purpose machines and combined tools.
Every year the production is supplied with greater efficiency and thus maintaining our competitive position.Our stock of several thousand tools is always maintained and ready for production. Qualified and well-educated semi-skilled workers operate our machines and see to it that the products fulfil the quality demands.


Our electrogalvanizing consists of 2 computerized electrogalvanizing plants.

Electrogalvanizing is a surface treatment transferring the zinc to the steel by electrical means. This method gives a thinner coating thickness of zinc than using hot dip galvanizing. After application of the zinc coating the fittings get a passivation giving an extra protection. In connection with the passivation, as to colour, it might occur that the look does not appear in completely similar blue.

Electrogalvanized fittings are recommendable if you want a smoother surface for the sake of function of the fitting.Our plants secure a uniform alloy on each fitting, and our experience is that electrogalvanizing gives a good corrosion resistance.Focusing a lot on the quality and also considering the internal and external environment, we have therefore chosen to use a surface treatment without Chrome-6.

Powder coating:

We have a computerized, automatic powder coating plant.

In the powder coating plant the fittings are pretreated so they are free of rust, grease and dirt and are covered by a coating of zinc phosphate giving an efficient adherence of the powder coating. When powder coating, the fittings are covered by polyester powder, adhering to the steel by static electricity. By the following heat treatment the powder merges to a surface coating, giving an extremely good corrosion protection because of its density and relatively thick layer, combined with the zinc phosphatizing. Powder coating is characterised by a good-looking surface and a high resistance to sunlight.