Quality and Environment


To ensure a uniform quality for run-in of new products we practise a very careful proces and quality control.

From the raw material and the semi-finished products are received on PN Hardware till the finished product is dispatched to the customer an in-process inspection is carried out.

Sequential calibration of the measuring and control equipment is carried out by the quality department. In this way the product quality is ensured as we work with accuracies as low as 10 micron, however always based on the performance requirement to every single product.

This uniform high quality ensures solutions functioning to the optimum effect for both the DIY market and for our industry customers’ production, resulting in operational reliability.


In 1992 PN Hardware achieved certification according to the standard DS/EN ISO 9001 (quality management) and in 2004 we achieved environmental certification according to the standard DS/EN ISO 14001.).

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PN Hardware wants to be known as a progressive and environmentally concerned company. Of course, we observe the legal and regulatory requirements in force, but with the environmental management system we also want to go further than the minimum requirements made by law.
PN Hardware will continuously reduce the consumption of energy and the quantity of waste from the processes. We aim at using raw materials and chemicals with smallest possible environmental impact. By 1 September 2007 we will stop using Hexavalent Chromium for surface on self-produced products and on all products soonest possible, but no later than 1 January 2009.

Environmental Award

Upon the recommendation of the trade council PN Hardware received the Environmental Award by the municipality of Brønderslev. In connection with the award ceremony the mayor of Brønderslev said among others:
‘Commitment to the environment dates back many years. PN Hardware has been a pioneer both as to the green environment and the working environment and have thus an agreement with the municipality to have employees suffering from long-term illness back to work. In a modern company which will go great lengths to create good conditions for the employees. As one of the few companies PN Hardware has an environmental policy, quite enhanced and characterized by the fact that the company aims at preventing pollution and always reducing the company’s impact on the environment. PN Hardware is known as a progressive company on the environmental field.’