Security Fittings

We have developed a range of security devices for protection of the house. The versatile product line includes devices inhibiting burglary, used on the doors and windows of your home in order to protect against spontaneous burglery.

When mounting security restrictor in public buildings, the escape route directions given by the fire authorities are to be observed.

PN Sikringsbeslag

New improved lock bar with a smart unpickable locking pin preventing children from opening door or window accidentally, and even sly burglars cannot open the door or the window from outside.

However, remember to close windows and doors before leaving your house

See 3800 and 3835 test here

See 3845 test here

PN Security Bead Plate

– preventing removal of panes in windows and doors

PN Security Device for Doors

– for protection of entrance and terrace doors opening outwards

PN Security Device for Windows

– extra protection of closed windows

PN Security Pin

– obstructing removal of windows and doors

PN Telescope Safety Bar

– preventing trespassing through e.g. basement windows