Tool Making

3-D product drawing

Based on approved 3D product drawing and referenced specifications the production tools are designed.

According to the complexity of the subject and the size of the quantity to be produced it is decided how advanced the tool is to be in order to ensure an optimal price for the completed unit.

Strip lay-out

A strip layout is made as the basis for the tool which can consist of up to 100 various components. In order to ensure efficient maintenance and quick repair detail drawings are made of every single component.

Production tools

The advanced production tools are produced in our own tool room, equipped with a technologically sophisticated assembly of machinery, working with tolerances of typical 1/100 mm and in our wire-cutting machines as low as 1/1000 mm. Only tool steel of first-class quality is used to ensure optimal strength and durability in the completed tool.

The steel is prepared in machines programmed from files worked out by the department for tool design. The steel is then hardened in our own or in an external hardening plant. After grinding the hardened steel can now be a part of the tool or further finishing can be done in i.e. CNC-turret machining centre or in wire-cutting machine which by means of voltage and a brass wire of 0.25 mm, under water, can cut through the hardened steel. All tools are tested in the tool room and a pilot production is made before the tool is finally released for production.

Typically the tools produce 100,000 to 200,000 products before it is called for maintenance which ensures that products are never produced in a worn-out tool. A database with the quantities for the individual machine is controlling the systematical maintenance.

The manufacturing cost for a production tool might be more than 1 mill. DKK for the most advanced tools and the largest tools have dimensions up to 1 x 2 m and a weight of 1.5 t.