Values and Targets

PN Hardware is to perform good and trustworthy business practice and is to be a reliable collaborator for customers, suppliers and society.

PN Hardware is to be a good workplace for skilled and loyal employees.

Satisfied and loyal customers are our most important asset. We will meet our customers’ demand for builders’ hardware, satisfying the requirements of the market as to quality, ability to supply and competitive prices. It is to be easy and satisfactory to do business with PN Hardware.

Our quality and environmental management systems are to be developed in accordance with the future demands, enabling us to maintain our certification according to DS/EN 9001 and DS/EN 14001.

We are to be a well consolidated company, managing economic results and through that ensuring future development.

The manufacturer’s vision ‘for always and ever it will be my task to supply you first-class articles at reasonable prices’ has through all the years been our indicator and is forming the basis for our stated objective today